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I used to have this friend who was the President of the Mensa group. He was tall and fit, smart and wealthy and made every man and woman look at him with great awe, inspiration and jealousy too. Me being who I am, was curious about what these brainiacs do at these "meetings" they attend.

We arrive around 7pm for something they call "game night". As you can imagine, It's where they play various kinds of games throughout the night.

Much to my surprise, when I walked in to everyone was naked or nearly already there. I looked to my very hot and smart friend who I wanted to fuck for oh... I don't know.. probably since I met him!

One of the games was the traditional kiss the bottle. Of course, it's my turn now. As we all sit in this circle waiting to see where this bottle lands it spins and spins slower and slower and finally where does it land? Could I be any more lucky?

It was my fit smart friend who I have lusted after for so long. Finally. We kiss so passionately and make out hot and heavy. Both wanting the other. We look around and know that we must move on to the next game. We find ourselves at the next game station. It was a colored mat with a wheel you spin to match the color called twister. You had to place your hands on each color when the twister lands on it. Only two rules. One, if you can't touch the color, you're out. If you have any clothes on, you're disqualified.

Well, as you can imagine i was quite happy about these rules. I have been dying to see my dreamy friend and fuck his hard cock for so long. The game begins. We take our places on the mat and await our instructions. Immediately, we get green and it was far away from where I was standing and caused me to bend over in front of my friend and show him my juicy pussy. He too had to reach over to get to the green and his hard cock layeth right over my bare ass.

I could feel his heat coming from his hard well hung cock and knew how attracted he was to me. He begins kissing on my neck. I say, wait, but what about the game. He says screw the game. I want make you cum all over my hot cock right now. I respond by putting his trobbing cock bareback into my wet throbbing pussy and we fucked right there on the game mat in front of everyone. Sadly, another couple who was playing the game with us, won.

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