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Want to know what Katelynn Heart likes on Amazon?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

As a webcam model I often get asked what do I like. A lot of my customers like to send gifts to me. So I thought it might be beneficial just to throw these items out there and solve the answer to your curiosity! Anything FINE jewelry. I don't like fake or plated jewelry though so please don't send anything but the real deal!

Anything sexy and higher class material that I can wear on my live webcam shows on Chaturbate!

The latest most modern technology such as Surface Pro or Canon EOS Camera equipment.

High end collectible coins and currencies

Gift Cards- preferably Paypal or Visa

Adult toys and novelties that I can use in my show! View my wishlist here

Lastly, I could always use a straight Amazon allowance setup. If you want to set that up just let me know it's been done.

xoxoxoxoxox . See you around soon! Katelynn . P.S. according to law i have to let you know that there are affiliate links in this post. But who really cares?

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