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Erotic short story: Beach Read

A chance rooftop encounter between neighbors takes a dark turn. The night is her day, the moon is her sun, and the asphalt rooftop looking out on the city’s lonely, twinkling lights is her beach. She wears a tiny red bikini, and her slim pale body — too pale for both health and fashion — rests on a plastic chaise. She reads something forbidden on the glowing, lozenge-shaped device that has fascinated her for almost a year. Her heavy black bangs fall into her eyes, and she sweeps them back with a shake of her head. She’s absorbed in her book; she wants to know what happens next. A loud thud disrupts her reverie, and she springs up, moving with predatory swiftness towards the noise. She feels rather sheepish when she almost knocks over her new neighbors. They are a matched set of excessively good-looking graduate students — one light and one dark — who live on the ground floor and eye her with wary desire, exactly what they are doing now. In fact, they seem mesmerized by the sight of her long pale body and the tiny strips of crimson cloth obscuring what they probably think of as the good parts. She smiles widely and unhooks her bikini top, freeing her tiny, strawberry-shaped breasts. The sight of her blushing nipples, erect in the soft evening breeze, causes both men to inhale sharply. The more confident one — the dark one with shoulder-length hair the color of night and a lean, rangy build — steps forward. That’s all the invitation she needs. She pulls him to her and lets his lips and tongue jostle with hers. She deftly unbuttons his shirt and slides it off, tasting his warm, minty breath. She’s undoing his belt buckle when she feels warm, sure hands around her hips. The other roommate — a cool blond with an obsessively gym-toned body and slightly stiff mannerisms — slides her bikini bottoms over her rump and thighs until they fall to her feet. She steps out of them and leans into him, sighing softly. He moans and reaches his hand around to the mound between her legs. She worries for just a moment about stubble — how long has it been since she shaved? — and then relaxes into pleasure. His manicured fingers part her plump, lower lips and find the juicy berry within. As her excitement builds, she teases and nibbles the dark one’s lips and pushes his jeans and shorts over his hips, freeing his long, straight cock. The orgasm hits her with sudden, thigh-clenching force, and she cries out, pushing the dark one into his own climax. The smell of his semen as it hits the humid night air awakens something else — something ancient — inside her, and she plunges her teeth into his sweet neck, her fangs piercing his jugular in the same easy way a straw slides into a juice box. When she is sated, she releases him, and his lifeless body slides bonelessly to the ground. She turns slowly, her eyes bright with life and her mouth red with gore, and sees the blond staring at her, terror and rapture mingling in the strained contours of his face. She smiles. “So what are you waiting for? We need to move the body.”

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