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As most of you know, I'm a classical musician. I once had dreams of joining the Symphony however those ambitions as have since gone wayward of the general hobby as I have gotten older in life. However, I do still enjoy playing, very much. But did you know that also I formally studied finance?


Yes, that's right! I studied the SIE, Series 3 and the Series 7. I love to trade stock and crypto. So you might catch a few posts on my social media platforms about it. I try to incorporate my hobbies and interests in real life into my art work when I can fit them in.


Of course, most all of what I do is a pure fantasy! I am without question, your fantasy girl! I'm by no means a professional licensed trader or investor. Merely, a well studied retail investor and trader that likes to gab about Bloomberg news and take profits when I can! 


That said, my personal retail investment portfolio closed up 40% as of Dec 30th 2020. That's higher than most! I impressed myself. Although small potatoes to Ackman's 70%! haha


I generally like to buy high dividend and strong growth stocks and I like to buy all my crypto with Coinbase and then I HODL my crypto and collect 3% to 30% depending on which coin I  am hodling with Celsius Wallet. DeFi is my favorite performer. Be sure to watch for my marketwatch videos on YouTube. Don't forget to like and subscribe!   xoxoxoxo  Coming soon! 

Want to donate crypto to me? Just go to Coinbase and then send it direct to my email! Katelynnheartcams AT   xoxoxoxo 

Another thing I like to do is to workout and soon you can work out with me by watching my workout vids on YouTube. Be on the lookout for my new workout series!  Please like, subscribe and share! xoxoxo       Coming soon!

Something else about me, is that I like to play Chess. Some of you may have even been able to play me on! If you run across my image and my logo, it was indeed probably me so be sure to send me a friend request through the Chess app so we can play again in the future~   I


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